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Senior R & D Engineer    [2020-04-12 8:53:13]
                     Location : Chengdu
                          Salary : Face to face discussion
      Number of recruits: Some
  Gender requirements: Unlimited
         Age requirement: Over 24 years old
Condition requirement:
 Job description:

1. The age ranged from 23 to 50 years

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing and automation, mold, mechanical and electronic engineering

3. With mechanical design and manufacturing, plastic molding, automatic manufacturing, theoretical mechanics and other related professional knowledge, can skillfully use mechanical design software for structural design and modeling analysis.

4. Good creativity, organization and planning ability, team spirit.

5. More than 2 years working experience in plastic structure design, plastic mold manufacturing, reliability analysis and management is preferred.

6. Team management, project management experience is preferred.

Job description:

1. Responsible for requirement analysis, feasibility analysis and demonstration, formulate reasonable and feasible product design scheme, including DFMEA, 3D design scheme, etc;

2. Responsible for product design, drawing, sample making and reliability verification;

3. Responsible for the company's product technical standards, process standards, product manuals and product manuals;

4. Responsible for product reliability management, continuous quality improvement, and solving product technical problems;

5. Responsible for the design and improvement of production tooling, responsible for the coordination and solution of technical problems in the production process and customer technical support

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