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Company Duty

Commit to providing high-quality intelligent gas meter control valves and gas-related products, creating value for customers with superior products and services.

With honest and efficient operation, we will perform our duties to all relevant parties with due diligence.

For customers: Continuously improve the quality of products and services, constantly innovate to meet customer’s needs and exceed customer expectations.

For shareholders: Return shareholders with good benefits, protect the long-term interests of shareholders, and realize the strategy.

For employees: Work together and seek development, provide employees with a good working atmosphere, a stage to show their value, and a bright future of development.

For society: Continuously improve product performance, actively promote the development of intelligent gas meter products and related industries, care for the society, pay attention to the environment, and support public welfare.

For partners: Mutual respect, mutual assistance and win-win cooperation with suppliers, distributors and other partners.

Taking technological innovation as a means, based on product specialization and large-scale production, strive to develop into a leading valve manufacturer.

The company will take scientific and technological progress as the driving force, improve the technological level through innovation, vigorously expand the products in the field of intelligent gas meter control valves, be realistic and be pragmatic, specialize in subdivided industries and form a scale advantage, and strive to become the industry leader. In the future, the company will continue to expand the scale of the enterprise and improve economic efficiency, and eventually become a competitive production and service-oriented instrument and equipment enterprise.

Company Core Values

Innovation, integrity and efficiency

Innovation: Implement conceptual innovation to shape a new culture; implement mechanism innovation to stimulate corporate vitality; implement technological innovation to upgrade the industrial level.

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation and survival of an enterprise, and it is also the basis for an enterprise to maintain long-term development and build its own brand. Chengdu Zhicheng Technology should be based on integrity, be responsible to shareholders, employees, customers and society,and should establish long-term and stable win-win cooperation with all stakeholders.

Efficient: Only by maintaining a high level of efficiency can an enterprise be invincible in the fierce industry competition. Therefore, it is necessary to create high efficiency and achieve high efficiency. This requires enterprises to establish an efficient management system, optimize work processes, build efficient teams, improve staff efficiency, complete work in an efficient and scientific way, and improve overall operating efficiency in order to achieve high efficiency.